ACH Transaction Developer Endpoint

This endpoint is used to manually generate updates for ACH transactions. In production, an ACH may takes 2-5 days for the transaction to settle. This endpoint allows developers to simulate this progress as they see fit.



Transaction Status Definition

Pending Origination/Originating

ACH transaction has been initiated. Money has not moved at this stage.
Originated Transaction in process but has not been funded/settled yet.
Declined Transaction not approved. Could be due to a velocity error (attempt to process a transaction over the allowed limit).
Voided Transaction voided. Money will not be moved or settled.
Settled Transaction completed and funded.

Charged Back

Transaction charged back. Could be due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc.


You can forwardly update your transaction statuses here, take a look at the example below.

Updating status to 132 (Originating)

PUT /v2/developer/transactions/11111-11111-11111-11111

  "transaction": {  

This endpoint currently only supports updating of the status, the endpoint validates if you are updating the ACH status based on the proper flow (above). Declined/voided/charged back transactions cannot be updated.

Updating a transaction to charged back (331) will generate a reason_code based on the decimal value of the transaction amount(taking the first two decimal places), for example a charged back 10.22 will have a reason_code of 2122 (equivalent to R22),

The responses you get from this request is actually just the same as what you’d expect from a PUT, you can also add expand=transaction_histories on your request to see that the history has been updated with the new status.