Router Transactions Endpoint

The router transaction endpoint is used to process transaction when the merchant has a terminal. This drastically simplifies the process of running transactions through a terminal.

By using a terminal router, the process to run a transaction through a terminal is now down to one step. Simply send the transaction request to the /v2/routertransactions endpoint and the API does the rest. The https request will need to remain open for up to 300 seconds while the terminal is processing the transaction. Once the terminal has completed processing the transaction, the router transaction request will then return the transaction data.

Mock Terminal

In order to help speed the development cycle, we have a feature called mock terminal. What this means is the we can create a virtual device for you to use for all of your terminal testing. This helps speed the development process in a number of ways:

  1. You don't have to wait days for a terminal to arrive to begin development
  2. Various API responses can easily be tested by sending different dollar amounts
  3. The ability to test different types of transactions from different types of terminals is possible without having to order multiple terminals

In order to test different scenarios with a terminal, please visit the test data page to see how different dollar amounts can product different terminal transaction results.

Endpoint Actions

Create Record

POST /v2/routertransactions

    "routertransaction": {
        // Required fields
        "payment_method": "cc",
        "action": "sale",
        "location_id": "111111111111111111111111",
        "transaction_amount": "1.00",
        "terminal_id": "222222222222222222222222",
        "billing_zip": "12345"
    "routertransaction": {
        "id": "222222222222222222222222", 
        "payment_method": "cc",
        "account_vault_id": null,
        "recurring_id": null,
        "first_six": "545454",
        "last_four": "5454",
        "account_holder_name": null,
        "transaction_amount": 1,
        "description": null,
        "transaction_code": null,
        "avs": "BAD",
        "batch": "2",
        "item": "10",
        "order_num": "433659378839",
        "timestamp": "1421951096",
        "verbiage": "APPROVED",
        "transaction_settlement_status": null,
        "effective_date": null,
        "routing": null,
        "return_date": null,
        "created_ts": 1421951061, 
        "modified_ts": null,
        "transaction_api_id": null,
        "terms_agree": null,
        "notification_email_address": null,
        "notification_email_sent": false,
        "response_message": null,
        "auth_amount": 1,
        "auth": "812823",
        "status_id": 101,
        "type_id": 20,
        "location_id": "111111111111111111111111",
        "settle_date": null,
        "charge_back_date": null,
        "void_date": null,
        "account_type": "mc",
        "is_recurring": false,
        "checkin_date": null,
        "checkout_date": null,
        "room_num": null,
        "room_rate": null,
        "advance_deposit": false,
        "no_show": false,
        "entry_mode_id": "C",
        "emv_receipt_data": {
            "APPLAB":"US Maestro",
            "APPN":"US Maestro",
            "CVM":"Pin Verified",
        "folio_num": "433659378839",
        "_links": {
            "self": {
                "href": ""

Other Actions

The /v2/routertransactions endpoint is only for sending POST requests to process transactions through the terminal. For information on other Transaction actions like viewing, modifying, or deleting, please visit the Transactions Endpoint documentation.


Name Format Min Max POST Required POST Allowed Comments
id string   36     ID
account_holder_name string   32     Name of the Account Holder
account_type string   32     A read only field that returns the card type
account_vault_id string   36     Account Vault id
action string   24 One of the possible actions from the action list.
advance_deposit boolean       Advance Deposit
auth_amount number   10     Authentication Amount
auth_code string   6   Authorization Code - Allowed only when action = force
avs string   1     AVS
avs_enhanced string   1      
batch string       Batch - Allowed only when action = settle
billing_street string   64   The billing street address for the account
billing_zip string   10   The billing zip for the account
checkin_date yyyy-mm-dd   10   Checkin Date
checkout_date yyyy-mm-dd   10   Checkout Date
contact_id string   36   Valid Contact Id
created_ts integer   10     Created Timestamp
customer_id string   64      
customer_ip string   39      
cvv_response string 1 1      
description string   64   Description
emv_receipt_data string   512     This field is a read only field. This field will only be populated for EMV transactions and will contain proper JSON formatted data with some or all of the following fields: TC,TVR,AID,TSI,ATC,APPLAB,APPN,CVM
entry_mode_id string   1     Entry Mode - See entry mode section for more detail
first_six string   6     First six numbers
Item string         Recurring or not
last_four string   4     item
location_id string   36 Location ID
modified_ts integer   10     Modified Timestamp
no_show boolean       No Show
notification_email_address string       Notification Email Address
notification_email_sent boolean         Email notification
order_num string   32   Order Number
payment_method string       Must be 'cc' for this endpoint.
po_number string   24    
product_transaction_id string   36   The deposit account (product) to use for the transaction. This is required for multi-merchant setups.
reason_code_id number   4     Response reason code that provides more detail as to the result of the transaction
recurring_id string   36     Recurring ID
response_message string   255     Response message
room_num string   12   Room Number
room_rate number       Room Rate
save_account boolean       Specifies to save account to contacts profile if account_number/track_data is present with either contact_id or contact_api_id in params
status_id number   3     Status ID - See status id section for more detail
tax number       Amount of Sales tax - If supplied, this amount should be included in the total transaction_amount field
terminal_id string   24   The id of the terminal that will process the transaction.
transaction_amount string   10 Amount of the transaction
transaction_api_id string   64   Transaction Api ID
type_id number   2     Type ID - See type id section for more detail
verbiage string         Verbiage -Do not use verbiage to see if the transaction was approved, use status_id