Response Reason Codes

Below is a listing of reason codes that may be returned from the API. You will notice there is a numbering scheme to assist you in determining if a transaction was successful.

API Listing

Code Description
0 N/A
1000 CC - Approved
1000 ACH - Accepted
1001 AuthCompleted
1002 Forced
1003 AuthOnly Declined
1004 Validation Failure (System Run Trx)
1005 Processor Response Invalid
1200 Voided
1201 Partial Approval
1500 Generic Decline
1510 Call
1518 Transaction Not Permitted - Terminal
1520 Pickup Card
1530 Retry Trx
1531 Communication Error
1540 Setup Issue, contact Support
1541 Device is not signature capable
1588 Data could not be de-tokenized
1599 Other Reason
1601 Generic Decline
1602 Call
1603 No Reply
1604 Pickup Card - No Fraud
1605 Pickup Card - Fraud
1606 Pickup Card - Lost
1607 Pickup Card - Stolen
1608 Account Error
1609 Already Reversed
1610 Bad PIN
1611 Cashback Exceeded
1612 Cashback Not Available
1613 CID Error
1614 Date Error
1615 Do Not Honor
1616 NSF
1617 Exceeded Withdrawal Limit
1618 Invalid Service Code
1619 Exceeded activity limit
1620 Violation
1621 Encryption Error
1622 Card Expired
1623 Renter
1624 Security Violation
1625 Card Not Permitted
1626 Trans Not Permitted
1627 System Error
1628 Bad Merchant ID
1629 Duplicate Batch (Already Closed)
1630 Batch Rejected
1631 Account Closed
1650 Contact Support
1651 Max Sending - Throttle Limit Hit (ACH only)
1652 Max Attempts Exceeded
1653 Contact Support
1654 Voided - Online Reversal Failed
1655 Decline (AVS Auto Reversal)
1656 Decline (CVV Auto Reversal)
1657 Decline (Partial Auth Auto Reversal)
1658 Expired Authorization
1659 Declined - Partial Approval not Supported
1660 Bank Account Error, please delete and re-add Account Vault
1661 Declined AuthIncrement
1662 Auto Reversal - Processor can't settle
1663 Manager Needed (Needs override transaction)
1664 Account Vault Not Found: Sharing Group Unavailable
1665 Contact Not Found: Sharing Group Unavailable
1701 Chip Reject
1800 Incorrect CVV
1801 Duplicate Transaction
1802 MID/TID Not Registered
1803 Stop Recurring
1804 No Transactions in Batch
1805 Batch Does Not Exist


ACH Reject Reason Codes

Code Verbiage E-Code Short Description Long Description
2101 Rejected-R01   Insufficient funds Available balance is not sufficient to cover the amount of the debit entry
2102 Rejected-R02  E02 Bank account closed Previously active amount has been closed by the customer of RDFI
2103 Rejected-R03 E03 No bank account/unable to locate account Account number does not correspond to the individual identified in the entry, or the account number designated is not an open account
2104 Rejected-R04  E04 Invalid bank account number Account number structure is not valid
2105 Rejected-R05  E05 Reserved Currently not in use
2106 Rejected-R06   Returned per ODFI request ODFI requested the RDFI to return the entry
2107 Rejected-R07 E07 Authorization revoked by customer Receiver has revoked authorization
2108 Rejected-R08 E08 Payment stopped Receiver of a recurring debit has stopped payment of an entry
2109 Rejected-R09   Uncollected funds Collected funds are not sufficient for payment of the debit entry
2110 Rejected-R10 E10 Customer advises not authorized Receiver has advised RDFI that originator is not authorized to debit his bank account
2111 Rejected-R11   Check truncation entry return To be used when returning a check truncation entry
2112 Rejected-R12   Branch sold to another RDFI RDFI unable to post entry destined for a bank account maintained at a branch sold to another financial institution
2113 Rejected-R13   RDFI not qualified to participate Financial institution does not receive commercial ACH entries
2114 Rejected-R14 E14 Representative payee deceased or unable to continue in that capacity The representative payee authorized to accept entries on behalf of a beneficiary is either deceased or unable to continue in that capacity
2115 Rejected-R15 E15 Beneficiary or bank account holder deceased (Other than representative payee) deceased* - (1) the beneficiary entitled to payments is deceased or (2) the bank account holder other than a representative payee is deceased
2116 Rejected-R16 E16 Bank account frozen Funds in bank account are unavailable due to action by RDFI or legal order
2117 Rejected-R17   File record edit criteria Entry with Invalid Account Number Initiated Under Questionable Circumstances
2118 Rejected-R18   Improper effective entry date Entries have been presented prior to the first available processing window for the effective date.
2119 Rejected-R19   Amount field error Improper formatting of the amount field
2120 Rejected-R20   Non-payment bank account Entry destined for non-payment bank account defined by reg.
2121 Rejected-R21   Invalid company Identification The company ID information not valid (normally CIE entries)
2122 Rejected-R22   Invalid individual ID number Individual id used by receiver is incorrect (CIE entries)
2123 Rejected-R23   Credit entry refused by receiver Receiver returned entry because minimum or exact amount not remitted, bank account is subject to litigation, or payment represents an overpayment, originator is not known to receiver or receiver has not authorized this credit entry to this bank account
2124 Rejected-R24   Duplicate entry RDFI has received a duplicate entry
2125 Rejected-R25   Addenda error Improper formatting of the addenda record information
2126 Rejected-R26   Mandatory field error Improper information in one of the mandatory fields
2127 Rejected-R27   Trace number error Original entry trace number is not valid for return entry; or addenda trace numbers do not correspond with entry detail record
2128 Rejected-R28   Transit routing number check digit error Check digit for the transit routing number is incorrect
2129 Rejected-R29 E29 Corporate customer advises not authorized RDFI has been notified by corporate receiver that debit entry of originator is not authorized
2130 Rejected-R30   RDFI not participant in check truncation program Financial institution not participating in automated check safekeeping application
2131 Rejected-R31   Permissible return entry (CCD and CTX only) RDFI has been notified by the ODFI that it agrees to accept a CCD or CTX return entry
2132 Rejected-R32   RDFI non-settlement RDFI is not able to settle the entry
2133 Rejected-R33   Return of XCK entry RDFI determines at its sole discretion to return an XCK entry; an XCK return entry may be initiated by midnight of the sixtieth day following the settlement date if the XCK entry
2134 Rejected-R34   Limited participation RDFI RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor
2135 Rejected-R35   Return of improper debit entry ACH debit not permitted for use with the CIE standard entry class code (except for reversals)
2136 Rejected-R36   Return of Improper Credit Entry  
2137 Rejected-R37   Source Document Presented for Payment  
2138 Rejected-R38   Stop Payment on Source Document  
2139 Rejected-R39   Improper Source Document  
2140 Rejected-R40   Return of ENR Entry by Federal Government Agency  
2141 Rejected-R41   Invalid Transaction Code  
2142 Rejected-R42   Routing Number/Check Digit Error  
2143 Rejected-R43   Invalid DFI Account Number  
2144 Rejected-R44   Invalid Individual ID Number/Identification  
2145 Rejected-R45   Invalid Individual Name/Company Name  
2146 Rejected-R46   Invalid Representative Payee Indicator  
2147 Rejected-R47   Duplicate Enrollment  
2150 Rejected-R50   State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance  
2151 Rejected-R51   Item is Ineligible, Notice Not Provided, etc.  
2152 Rejected-R52   Stop Payment on Item (adjustment entries)  
2153 Rejected-R53   Item and ACH Entry Presented for Payment  
2161 Rejected-R61   Misrouted Return  
2162 Rejected-R62   Incorrect Trace Number  
2163 Rejected-R63   Incorrect Dollar Amount  
2164 Rejected-R64   Incorrect Individual Identification  
2165 Rejected-R65   Incorrect Transaction Code  
2166 Rejected-R66   Incorrect Company Identification  
2167 Rejected-R67   Duplicate Return  
2168 Rejected-R68   Untimely Return  
2169 Rejected-R69   Multiple Errors  
2170 Rejected-R70   Permissible Return Entry Not Accepted  
2171 Rejected-R71   Misrouted Dishonored Return  
2172 Rejected-R72   Untimely Dishonored Return  
2173 Rejected-R73   Timely Original Return  
2174 Rejected-R74   Corrected Return  
2180 Rejected-R80   Cross-Border Payment Coding Error  
2181 Rejected-R81   Non-Participant in Cross-Border Program  
2182 Rejected-R82   Invalid Foreign Receiving DFI Identification  
2183 Rejected-R83   Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle  
2201 Rejected-C01      
2202 Rejected-C02      
2203 Rejected-C03      
2204 Rejected-C04      
2205 Rejected-C05      
2206 Rejected-C06      
2207 Rejected-C07      
2208 Rejected-C08      
2209 Rejected-C09      
2210 Rejected-C10      
2211 Rejected-C11      
2212 Rejected-C12      
2213 Rejected-C13      
2261 Rejected-C61      
2262 Rejected-C62      
2263 Rejected-C63      
2264 Rejected-C64      
2265 Rejected-C65      
2266 Rejected-C66      
2267 Rejected-C67      
2268 Rejected-C68      
2269 Rejected-C69      
2301 Rejected-X01   Misc Check 21 Return  
2304 Rejected-X04   Invalid Image  
2305 Rejected-X05 E95 Breach of Warranty  
2306 Rejected-X06 E96 Counterfeit / Forgery  
2307 Rejected-X07 E97 Refer to Maker  
2308 Rejected-X08   Maximum Payment Attempts  
2309 Rejected-X09   Item Cannot be Re-presented  
2310 Rejected-X10   Not Our Item  
2321 Rejected-X21   Pay None  
2322 Rejected-X22   Pay All  
2323 Rejected-X23 E93 Non-Negotiable  
2329 Rejected-X29   Stale Dated  
2345 Rejected-X45   Misc Return  
2371 Rejected-X71   RCK - 2nd Time  
2372 Rejected-X72   RCK Reject - ACH  
2373 Rejected-X73   RCK Reject - Payer  


RDFI - Receiving Depository Financial Institution - Customer's bank
ODFI - Originating Depository Financial Institution - Merchants originating bank