I haven't received my nightly reports.

If you are not receiving the nightly reports, start by having your location administrator check the following:

  • Is the correct email assigned to your user?
  • Are the Preferences set correctly? The nightly reports are the "nightly ach email" and "nightly_cc_email" under your user's preferences tab.
  • Have transactions been run since the last night you received the report?
  • Check the spam folder of your inbox.
    • If you are using Gmail, Google may decide to classify incoming emails as "promotional" or otherwise and put them in another folder automatically. Check all folders for the expected emails. You may have to click on "More" or "More labels" in order to see options for TRASH and SPAM.

If there are no issues with the above items, contact support for assistance (live chat or merchant services).

  • Support will check to ensure that there are no flags on the email address that would make the mail undeliverable or blacklisted. 
  • If there are no flags on the email address, we recommend contacting your email provider and/or your IT person for assistance in checking the other systems involved in delivering email.