Add a Recurring Payment


Prior to setting up a recurring payment you'll need to have a contact record created and an account stored to run payments against. 

Required features: Account Vault & Recurrings


  1. Go to the contact's Overview and under Recurring Billings select Add Recurring


  2. Enter Description (if applicable)
    Select Stored Account*
    Transaction Amount* (the amount you want the contact to be charged for each payment)
    Select Tags (if applicable)
    Notification Days – The # of days before payment processing that the contact will be notified via email (0 = no notification)

    3. Select

  • Payment Type
    One Time
  • Payment Start Date
    Select the date you want the Trx to start running
  • Process Every 
    Frequency = # of times the card will be charged (typically 1) and then choose Days, Weeks, or Months (typically months)
  • Recurring End 
    No End (ongoing)
    After __ Payments -  # of payments that you want the merchant to be charged (this will auto-populate the Trx End Date and the Total Amount that will be collected at the end of the recurring transaction).


    4. Select Save.

    5. After saving, a receipt screen will display where:

  • You will see all the info you need
  • Have the cardholder sign
  • You'll be able to print the receipt

The system allows you to have as many recurrings set up as you want. You can set up multiple recurrings to accommodate scenarios such as:


Running on the 1st and 15th every month

  • Set up two recurrings: one that runs once a month on the 1st and one that runs once a month on the 15th

Tiered pricing scenarios

  • Set up two recurrings: Each should have the appropriate start date, dollar amount, interval, and stop after x payments set. For example, a customer signs up for a service with tiered pricing to begin January 1st and end after 6 months where the pricing for the last three services is reduced. Setup the first recurring to begin Jan. 1st running every 1 months to end after 3 payments at $100. Setup the second recurring to begin April 1st running every 1 months to end after 3 payments at $50.