Clear the Internal Memory and Power Cycle a PAXS300


If the PAXS300 needs an application update it must have the internal memory cleared prior to power cycling in order to download the new application. The steps below outline this process.


  1. Press Menu and enter the password (if you don't have the password, reach out to your support representative for assistance)
    • If Menu key does not respond, press FUNC and 1 at the same time then enter the password
  2. Select System Settings (may have to touch the down arrow to find)
  3. Select Database and enter the password
  4. Select Clear Database and press Yes to confirm
  5. Select All
  6. The database will clear and put you back at the previous menu selection
  7. Unplug the power cable for 10 seconds and plug it back into power cycle the terminal
  8. The terminal will reinitialize and download the new configuration (this may take several minutes)
  9. Once the terminal displays the idle screen the process is complete.