Topaz Signature Pad Software Removal


The following steps are provided to assist in the removal of Topaz Signature Pad Software that is currently on your system.


  1. Open the control panel and go to "Programs and Features".
  2. Uninstall all software that references SigPad, SigWeb,  or Topaz.
  3. Close the control panel.
  4. Click Start, then type mmc and press enter (You may have to click start, then click run before you can type mmc). This should open a new management console window.
  5. Click on File>Add/Remove Snap-in, then click Certificates from the list and click the Add button, then select the 'Computer Account' option, click Next, then click Finish. Once that is done click 'OK'.
  6. Expand 'Certificates (Local Computer)'.
  7. Go through each and every certificate folder to look for any certificates that are named '' or 'light-automationFILESERVER-CA-Root'.
  8. Remove them by right-clicking on them and then clicking "delete". Note, if files with these names cannot be located, proceed to the next step.
  9. Reboot the computer and the Topaz Signature Pad Software should be completely removed from your system.


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